The Power to Heal

At Bova Family Chiropractic, we understand the innate power of the body to heal itself. Healing comes from within. The body is an intelligent, self healing, self-regulating organism. Our body works 24 hours a day to heal itself with the resources we give it. “Good in, good out.” How we treat our body and what we put into our body affects how our body functions and how our body feels.

We look at the body as a whole. Even if you come in with back pain, we want to evaluate the entire body and spine instead of chasing the low back symptoms. We want to make sure the brain-body connection is working at its highest potential.

We believe that symptoms are a message our body is sending us to get our attention. Symptoms are not bad. When we mask symptoms with medications and other things, we are dampening the message our body is trying to send us.

Our body’s are constantly trying to adapt to outside and inside stressors of life. Especially in our day and age, we are constantly having stressors being thrown at us; work, kids, finances, mental health, the news, social media, sickness, poor food, lack of sleep, chemicals, etc. Our body works as hard as it can to adapt to these stressors and try to maintain harmony ( homeostasis). If we are constantly being bombarded by these negative stressors and we don’t take care of our body, our body will eventually break down, and will communicate that to us via body pain, fatigue, anxiety, mental stress, aches and pains, etc. Stress will never go away. But the way our body adapts to this stress is key in staying strong and healthy. Chiropractic can help with just that. Chiropractic can regulate the nervous system so it is better able to adapt to the constant noise that is thrown at it everyday.

The nervous system is responsible for the body’s ability to adapt and heal. Subluxations (nerve interference) interfere with the nervous system, contributing to dysfunction, and thus prevent the body from functioning at 100 percent.

Here at Bova Family Chiropractic, we build on your foundation. Your body is perfect and knows exactly what to do. Years and years of physical, chemical, and emotional stress can overload the body and start to break it down. We are here to build it back up and create health and let your body unleash its innate potential.

We take a salutogenic approach to health. Salutogenic meaning “an approach to human health that examines factors contributing to the promotion and maintenance of physical and mental well-being rather than disease with particular emphasis on the coping mechanisms of individuals which help preserve health despite stressful situations” (Merriam-Webster). We want to promote and maintain health and well-being as opposed to “treating” a symptom or disease.

With chiropractic being the foundation to health, starting with a healthy spine and nervous system, we then can focus on the other aspects of health.


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